Sunday, April 15, 2007

Gator Country weekend

Went to the good country this weekend - that is GATOR country!

Actually, I went up to G-ville had dinner with Sarah at Don Pablo's (big letdown), went shopping, then went up to her parent's place in Branford, which is up on the Suwanee River in NF. It was so peaceful out there, all the trees and leaves and 400something azaleas. It was so pretty.

Then Saturday we went to Historic High Springs and nothing was open yet so Sarah got her haircut. We drove on in to UF to the Blue/Orange game. It was fun and hot - but just being in the swamp was so great - and she enjoyed it too! Tim Tebow looked good and so did Andre Caldwell. Even though they don't have a set punter/kicker for 2007 - they all looked decent. Some of the Nat'l Champs were there - including Leak, MacDonald, and Reggie Nelson. It was cool to see them. We left because there was no competition and it was stinkin' hot in the swamp!

We went and did some more antique shopping since the stores were open and talked to this old "Floridian" while we ate a snack at a cafe in an old train depot. He talked about 93 African elephants and killers-for-hire and anything else. Seemed like he had done it all.

Went home and had a great casserole her mom made, soothed our sunburns in the hottub, and then watch M. Night movies till midnight - what a great night.

Got up and went to a typical SBC FBC church this morning. Then we went to this little cafe that had ok food, but seemed like everyone from that their church was there. Then we walked the Rails to Trails (about 5 miles) right along the Suwanee. It was great exercise.

I loved hanging out with Sarah - someone to commune with, hang out with, laugh with, just be with, talk about our futures and what God is doing in our lives. Knowing her for going on 8 years now - what a great friend.

Enjoy the pictures

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