Saturday, April 28, 2007

Glory Revealed

Went to this concert last night at Victory in Lakeland. They are only doing abuot 15 shows and Lakeland was special enough to have one.
It was great. One of the best shows because it wasn't about them. It was about the word. All the songs were Scripture based - 99% of them word for word. We had a Bible study pretty much - set to music. And it wasn't rocked out music with tons of lights and show. They played violin, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, couple of guitars, drums. The Shanes were there and their music (new stuff coming soon) is incredible - always Word-saturated. Mac (first time I'd seen him - of Third Day) was great too - his voice is just like it sounds talking or singing. Candi was there - of the Passion fame - saw her back in 2000. Some others were there as well. Dave Nasser was great - funny, serious, relevant, love of the Word clearly shined through!
The Word - it is our conversation with God - He talks to us on a daily basis - if we'll open up the Word!

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