Monday, April 16, 2007

sin v walking obediently

Reading some bad things in Genesis this morning:
1. Sin is crouching in on us and wants to devour us (just like He does in 2 Peter). It will overwhelm us if we are not walking in the Spirit, obediently, alert, resisting. We can master sin - it doesn't need to be a stronghold over us - God is our stronghold and our strength.
2. It grieves God when we sin. We can't be in relationship with God when we sin - because God is a holy God. He can't commune with Sin because it would taint his holiness. There is no possibility in that. Look at Jesus on the cross - He looked away from sin. But, as Ps 73 tells us - the nearness of God is my good.
I fail, I give in, I let sin master me. But...
I am redeemed, I walk obediently in the power of the Holy Spirit.
I live by faith and in His strength that helps me overcome.
I know who wins. I know in whom I stand victorious.
For more on this, go read Paul Tripp's blog entries lately on Ps 51 (what powerful thoughts on these verses) -

walk obediently

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