Sunday, April 01, 2007

Chill time in Lakeland

Actually spent a weekend in Central Florida. It was a very nice weekend weather wise, so I've enjoyed much of the outdoors.

Friday night I went and walked Lake Hollingsworth. Some of these pictures are from there. It was very nice and breezy. It is a 3 mile lake with nice homes, Florida Southern College, First Presbyterian, and a sidewalk all the way around. Perfect for people who want to exercise. After I walked it, I sat down by the shore and spent some time in Ephesians and the Journals of Jim Elliot. I love spending time in books and the Word outdoors, taking pictures, enjoying God's creation.

Saturday, my Mom and I did some errands, but then we also went over to south of Plant City and walked (wheeled) the nature trail in Alderman's Ford Park. It is one of the nicest state parks I've seen. Mom even got out and walked some of it. I walked down the banks of the Alafia River. We ate a cuban sub from this little place (seriously, whole building looks like one of the state fair kiosks) - it was so good. It was a beautiful day.

Came home and cooked shrimp and grits, bananas foster, and then sat down to watch my GATORS win (although a very boring second half). But - they are in the finals come Monday night. We will see!

Today I went to Heartland Community Church, pastored by Ed and Nancy Kendrick - they are friends of mine from seminary. Good to see them, went to a place called Shaques bbq - although not as good as Sonny's - it was good to eat and share a meal with them and get caught up on everybody's life.

So back to life as normal tomorrow (with a Thai restaurant for lunch and Gator game tomorrow night).

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Tywonn said...

Kim, I love the pictures of Lakeland!