Friday, March 30, 2007

Stop Dating the Church (back again)

Josh Harris wrote a book entitled Stop Dating the Church. It talks about society's need to be church-hoppers (or shoppers). What can the church do for me? Well, this was recently brought up again at Boundless on their blog entry. The Summit (my church in NC) is definitely a college church - meaning many many college students from UNC, Duke, NCSU, SEBTS, and other smaller colleges attend. JD is big on this topic. He preaches on it quite often when talking primarily to college students. We want them to plug in, don't shop and hop, be a part of the church (Eph 4).
Well, as I was out at a lake today, reading and journaling, enjoying the breeze and sun, I came across a particularly relevant (to this top) journal entry from Jim Elliot. Yes, the same Jim Elliot who lived in the 50s and died a martyr's death in Equador. He was talking about the fellowship of the community found in Eph 4. This is what he said:
"I sense we have a multitude of leeches in the church, gaining what they can from all sources, but few 'joints of supply'. Fellowship is reciprocal - one must give himself to be fed upon if he is to maintain the right to feed on others. Fellowship, I take it, is in building with one another, each essential to the other's profit. Some go everywhere to get, but will go nowhere to give."

I'm thinking of this very topic as I'm in a new place and am trying to think about being a part of a church again. Hoping I have found the right place, even if it is a ways drive (even further than the Summit from Wake Forest.)

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