Saturday, March 24, 2007

Big Prayer Day

Tomorrow (Sunday) I'm going to get out of here (the house) early and go down to one of the local lakes (its called Lakeland for a reason) and spend some time in prayer, Scripture, walking, listening to some Shane and Shane. I'm looking forward to this day and it is supposed to be nice weather.
Today I sat in a seminary extension class and talked about philosophy with Dr. Little. In the discussion of miracles, we asked it the answering of precedent prayer authenticated the existence of God. Of course it doesn't. If I quit believing in God at the first time He didn't answer my prayer like I wanted to, I would have quit believing a long time ago. But, praise to His glory that He didn't answer them like I've always wanted Him to.
But...tomorrow gotta a lot of big things on my plates: future things, now things, and medical things. God is a big God - He can handle big requests all at once!

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