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Contending for the Truth Pt 2.5 Al Mohler

Al just came out with his response to the baby born gay on BP News, maybe that is why he is late, but more on that later or go read it yourself. This is the last one of the day. The last thing tonight is the concert - which I think we will pass on (as most of the people I know will pass on it, too)

Now he is speaking on the authority of Scripture - of course the text is 2 tim 3.14-17
How do we know anything? (epistemology)
It is an audacious claim to know anything -
We have never seen a germ, but we have sufficient evidence for germs - that is why we believe in them. We don't need to see one to believe they exist.
When you get to the big problems of life, epistemology becomes important. What form of evidence or verification will be necessary for me to claim I know anything? There is a need for a high level of certainty on these subjects - epistemological:
Every world view has to answer these:
1. Question of Beginnings
2. Question of What's Gone Wrong/Evil
3. Question of Can #2 Be Fixed
4. Question of End - Eschatology (is there even an end?)

We as Christians are the inheritors of a worldview that answer all these and more! All of the dots are connected in terms of the world view - there is beauty and consistence. We can know the Designer of it all. For His glory He has revealed Himself in many ways. (Rom 1, Ps 19). "Seed of Divinity" - John Calvin.
Is 44 - are we more sophisticated than this dark world found in Israel's history? The only difference is we are more technological - not any less morbid and dark. It is newly urgent.
There is an operational denial that there can be anything from the Divine to the human in what we would call the Bible. Schaeffer's book He is There and He is Not Silent. We are not left in the epistemological darkness.
Words: incredible things, bind us,
The Word: He speaks to His creatures - even though He is under no obligation to do so. By grace, He intervenes
Carl F H Henry - Revelation is God's personal and direct disclosure by which He communicates, forsaking his own personal privacy so that His sinful creatures may know him.
Dt 4.7f, 31f: Who are we that God would communicate with us - oracles, law, statutes, theophanies. Not to be taken back to the Bush or Carmel, not TIVO Moses thundering to the children of Israel...but we get it all through the Word - through the totality of God's revelation in the Book.
Heb 1...
In The Garden does not begin to explain the complexity and relationship of this communication. Let's think evangelicals - let's not leave it to academia to show us up.

Back to 2 Tim 3
"which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus" - Again - let the Word be your interpreter. It is the very truth of God.
Inspired in its TOTALITY.
Profitable for teaching, reproof, correction, and training (responsibilities now of the church - we need to be doing this through the Word).
2 Pet 3.15-16 - They may be difficult to understand, but they are still the inspired Word of God.
This idea is extremely exclusive! Yes - praise God it is - it is God we are talking about.
Scripture provides proof of its own authenticity (this is not the most compelling in my opinion b/c you can't define a word by using the word in the definition). There has got to be more to our claim to the hold on TRUTH then this claim. What else we got?

Two tests for Scripture
1. Content: is the content "on its face" supernatural in its hold? Humanity could never have developed this about our selves by ourselves - we would never describe ourselves as sinners.
2. Miracle: does the text disclose information that at the time could only be known by God, but the proves to be true (prophecy). Matthian nativity account - "in order that the Scriptures might be fulfilled." This is throughout all of Scripture - fulfillment, Act 2, 4

Our confidence in the Word comes down to this: when the Word speaks - God speaks. If not, we will find ourselves lost in compromise. John Calvin - spectacles. Calvin spoke of God's mercy - opens His hallow lips - that He speaks in language and words, on tablets of stone. We know the one true God through His book. We cannot become idolators - inventing new forms of paganism. What we ought to think of Him is found in the Word. Unless we create new ways to think of Him - isn't that our world today? From pulpits, tv, radio, theology classrooms...scary thought, isn't it? This Word was written down - it was a God decision. Paul didn't ask for a stenographer...God wrote it! He demanded that it be written. "The Finger of God" Words reveal and words limit. This is the Grace of God that He speaks to us about Himself. Every single word is inspired.
Calvin - 6 proofs of Scripture
1. Content
2. Antiquity of the Book
3. Miracles
4. Fulfilled Prophecy
5. Preservation of this text
6. Martyrdom (those who have died for this book for that which is revealed in this book)

The Bible, our very Words given to us by God, are the norm above norms that isn't a norm. Mohler actually said this a lot better, but I am typing this at my brother's house since the battery died shortly before the end of his session. Oh, well. Can't die out tomorrow: Mohler and Sproul I think are the two speakers.
I got one book and Dad got a couple of things:
1. The Reformed Pastor by Richard Baxter - I heard about this book all the way through seminary.
2. Dad got The Expository Genius of John Calvin which I am looking forward to reading.
3. Meet the Puritans, thick book (size wise) but it has short clips from most if not all the puritan writers and a bibliography of them.
4. DVD of Sproul's Providence of God (I think that is right)
5. Catchings CD - which he said was bass fiddle. Should be rather interesting.

Home for the evening - my brain is gone (especially after that ND loss and Ravi's PM session). But, I am looking forward to the fellowship of people tomorrow: The Hilton crew, the Siha's (when I see them), and any other people I might randomly see that I know.

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