Sunday, March 11, 2007

in honor of mom!

This first one is me and Ty. You can tell we are both kind of cheesing it for the camera. Frank always said you can tell when people are cheesing it in pictures. The next is of my cousin Teresa and her daughter Kyla. They have been visiting us for a week and her family just left today to return to TX and CA. Then there is one of what the Hatchers (my Mom's family) does best - smoke mullet. We enjoy it a couple of times a year. This is the first time I've been home in a while to get some. That picture is of Alan and Papa. Then the final one is of my granny. It is hard to note when people are starting to age - but I guess it is a bi-product of the fall, isn't it.

It is my Mommy's b-day this weekend, actually it was yesterday. Her sister and family are in town. We went to Outback last night with some friends - and she got embarrassed by the cute waiter singing her a b-day song (but she got free dessert!). Then we all (the messed up family and friends that we call the Hatchers/Davidsons) got together today for smoke mullet and all the fixins. It was interesting.
I love my Mom - praise God we are getting along better than usual and it has been 2 whole weeks. I need to practice more patience with her, and not just when I get my own way.
Mom - I do love you and am thankful for your 59 years here on earth and the 30 that you have given to me! Here's to as many more as God will give you!

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