Sunday, March 04, 2007

SnowQuest 4D.12 Thoughts & Pictures

This one is Mr. Marvin - bus-driver extraordinairre. Then me and Melanie - new friend that is amazing! Then the top of the cars the morning we left. Glad I didn't have to drive in it. Misty and I were filling the "sea" for the 4D experience. Then the last one is me, Sarah (ski hero) and Amanda (one of my small group girls).

As I sit here in sunny Florida, I think back just two weeks ago I was out on a slope covered in gorgeous falling snow in Snowshoe, WV. I went with the youth group in St. Augustine from my former church of Anastasia Baptist. After a long drive down from NC and then the computer messing up and not being able to show the pictures from Indo (still got to talk about missions with teenagers though), getting the charter bus packed (Mr. Marvin was again one of our drivers - I love that man), we finally got on the road about 8p (if I remember correctly).

Won't say that sleep came easily. I remember texting my brother when we passed his old exit on 77 in Mooresville - it was 3a. I don't even know if he got it.

We stopped at McD's at a small town for breakfast and Bible study. I love my girls: Regina, Allie, Nikki, Genna, and Amanda. They were Jrs and Srs and were just great girls - we got along great for having just met them. I knew Genna and Allie's parents from when I served on staff at Anastasia - but that was so long ago!

From then on (till we got to the Skibarn for rentals) I was awake. There was much to do to get ready, but I was enjoying the scenery. It wasn't snowing, but the trees were bare and glistening. I loved looking at them and thinking of the times in Scripture when it says that the creation will worship its Creator.
romans 8.19 - for the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God.
psalm 96.12 - let the field exult, and everything in it! Then shall all the trees of the forest sing for joy.
isaiah 55.12 - for you shall go out in joy and be led forth in peace. the mountains and the hills before you shall break forth into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.

When I looked at those bare trees with their branches raised toward their Maker - I wanted just to lift my hands in worship. Be like the trees in evidenced surrendered worship to their Master and Creator. Why do the trees have all the good stuff? Praise God that He has given me a new heart and new hands (a new creation, 2 Cor 5.17) that can be used to honor my Maker and Renewer.

Then we got to SkiBarn and rented stuff then drove the rest of the way and checked in to the lodge. All weekend Mrs. June did a fantabulous job on cooking for us: roasted chicken, pot roast, veggies, salad, potatoes, grilled cheese, spice cake, queso, lemonade, pancakes, breakfast burritos. Have you ever eaten so well on a youth trip? She rocks!

Friday night: tubing, injuries (allie's boyfriend had a concussion - so that made for a long night for Allie, the two at the hospital, the families at home). I got to tube once we got a slight problem fixed, and it was so stinkin' cold. I couldn't move my hands and I had gloves on. It was near ZERO (for this FL girl!). Saturday I stayed in, hung out with Amanda, talked to kids as they got done skiing/boarding, helped Mrs. June with the food, read, enjoyed the scenery. Sunday I went skiing - it was SO MUCH FUN! Herrick and Sarah (my two heroes) helped me and it wasn't that bad - even falling. It was nice powder (as it was still blowing snow) - so pretty, so cold. I still have a bruise on my calf from the boot being too tight, but hey - you know, it was all worth it to ride ski lifts with Sarah and Herrick and just be out enjoying God's creation.

The worship times were great as Melanie and the Elder boys led in music each night. Mason challenged us from the Word each night - actually reading the Word, not fluffing it like so many youth trips, all to live 4D lives (sold out - all of us, not holding anything back, not 2D or 3D) for the glory of God. With sardines, box fans, kiddie pools - we made Peter's walk on water come alive for these teenagers (thanks to Mason's God-given creativity). Decisions were made that weekend as the Spirit worked in the lives of these 39 or so high schoolers. 1 Tim 4.12 was the key verse as we studies speech, life, love, purity, faith in our small groups. Uplift cards were given out from the kids to one another as they saw them living out 4D lives (what a cool idea).

Anyway - I was encouraged by the WORD, creation, community, friendships that formed, worship, Sarah, Melanie, Herrick, Mason, Mr. Marvin (for putting up with us), the adults that went who loved on kids, the God that loves us enough to give us all that snow, Brian for packing the bus in -15 weather and wind on Monday morning at 6a, all these things - done for the glory of God.

There will be pictures (hopefully after Wed when I get to St. Aug and get them) so check back, but at least I thought I would fill everyone in on SnowQuest 4D.12

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