Friday, March 30, 2007

Challies and Worship

I got to meet Tim Challies (of the fame) recently at a conference. I appreciate what he says and how he says it.
Today's blog is no different. He writes on worship with a song by the All Star United band. A lot of youth/college like their stuff because of the edgier sound.
He writed on the motivation and lyrics behind many songs being written today. I was slightly offended by John McArthur's comments at a recent conference - we sing the old stuff b/c there isn't much good stuff being written today. yes there is - look at Sovereign Grace Music or Getty music or Matt Redmans "Where Angels Fear to Tread" or the song about Job he sings. The new version of Amazing Grace (my chains are gone) by Tomlin.
Recently I was doing some music rating stuff for Z88 out of Orlando. Christian music, great. Most of the stuff is about love or something fluffy like that. I would say a good 10% of the songs we listened to were MWS songs or Tomlin songs.
Where is the deep stuff - the theology stuff - being played on our radio stations?
More importantly - where is it being sung in our churches on Sunday mornings?
Worship leaders - give us (the congregation) some stuff to think about on Sunday mornings - not I-driven worship songs. Remember, we are not a post-modernist church (unless you are) - we have truth to give and God is the center of the universe (including our worship and music).

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