Wednesday, March 14, 2007

small world and bikes

Today was a beautiful day in central Florida. Set up the bookstore this morning at Baptist World for the Ligonier Conference this weekend. The first person I met was a member of Clay Nettles' church in Maitland - what a small world. (being in the land of its a small world after all) (now you are going to be singing it all day).
Then I spent an hour in B&N - one place I could definitely max out my credit if I had one (good thing I don't). Read some Thomas Merton. About the solitary life (practice of solitude). So where is the balance of that and community - or life together - like Bonhoeffer says? Answer possibly might be - be content where God puts you - or has you in life. I don't know.
Then I went bike riding with Tywonn. That was funny. It was such a beautiful day in Windermere FL (west Orlando for you non-central Floridians). We rode about 10 miles and had to walk some back because my back tire went flat. Guess I'll be going to WalMart or a local bike shop before I leave - buying my brother another bike tire. Ty and I found a piece of glass in it.
Then we ate Chinese food and strawberries - yummy!

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