Tuesday, March 13, 2007


LR shared this with me today in an email - so I said I would take a look at it as well. I'm not really systematically going through anything right now - just seeing what come up during the day, and thinking on those things.
Today I totally failed at biblical femininity over dinner. Pray for forgiveness, go on, do it better next time. Do not live by cheap grace.
Can't wait for Ligonier to start - excited about hearing some great preaching (live that is).
Jeremiah 9:
1 - I know I don't have that - why even try to pretend. I do walk around campuses or the mall and see youth and college kids and women who are trying to live for something that is not worthwhile - but does it bring me to tears?
3 - The people we aren't to be like are the ones who don't know God or understand Him. are we working every day at NOT being like those people - working everyday on getting a better understanding of who our God is?
4-6 - Sin is tiring. Doing stuff that we weren't created to do is tiring. Living in the perfect center of God's will is the safest and most peaceful place to be. In some areas of my life right now I know that peace, in others not so much. It is a daily thing - live there - dwell there (God's presence that is).
7 - Refining and testing are in the same sentence - same phrase. We don't really like either of these terms - sometimes we don't even like to say that God will test us. But, he does - all for his glory.
12-16 - the voice of truth coming from God - that he will destroy us if we do not obey Him. To obey is better than sacrifice.
23-24 - What key verses...
Thus says the Lord: “Let not the wise man boast in his wisdom, let not the mighty man boast in his might, let not the rich man boast in his riches, 24 but let him who boasts boast in this, that he understands and knows me, that I am the Lord who practices steadfast love, justice, and righteousness in the earth. For in these things I delight, declares the Lord.”
I like to be able to boast in many things - but how often can I say this, and say it truthfully, yet humbly. I want to understand and know God. He practices steadfast love. He is always just and His righteousness appears here on this early. He DELIGHTS in these things - not just wants them from us - it says HE DELIGHTS. I want to do the things that GOD DELIGHTS IN.

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