Sunday, March 18, 2007

Day after Ligonier Thoughts

Good Sunday morning. Going up to James' church here in about an hour. It'll be worth the drive I do believe.
Well, now that my brain has had time to rest, I can give Ligonier overall thoughts:
1. Best three: John Piper's second (Friday morning) on relativism. MacArthur's second (Friday before lunch) on Apologetics and Evil. Then the final Q/A session a lot of which had to do with the church.
2. While the music still was the worst part for me: I have to realize that I can't judge the thoughts and intent of the heart. While there were some practical things that didn't go well: you couldn't hear James Brown over the music, the slides weren't right sometimes, they didn't change the slides in time for the next words... The theology of them was right on. Only one thing was said in re: to music I didn't agree with and I think it was John MacArthur. He said the only reason we sing the old stuff is because there is nothing good being written today. Has he looked at any Sovereign Grace stuff or modern hymns or anything like that. But, then we sang a Jack Hayford hymn that was written in 1986 - I don't think he was there for that one, nor did he probably choose it.
3. I enjoyed being with people, (but don't worry, I enjoyed my time to myself as well). James Hilton and his crew. Seeing people: Bobby Thompson, Tim Challies, Mark and Denise Hiers. Meeting new people like Scott from Clay Nettles' church in Maitland. Getting to see Summit people - feeling like home.
4. Will I go next year: probably to some of it since I can hopefully volunteer again. I'd go hear John MacArthur. I can't believe they are asking Jani Tada to come speak. I won't listen to Beth Moore as she speaks at Passion to men and having spiritual authority over them - isn't it the same thing. Yes.

Good stuff. My brain was tired.

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