Thursday, March 08, 2007

Strong Personalities and Intimidation

I was reading this blog entry on Carolyn McCulley's blog. I so think everyone reading this: male or female should read that blog entry - especially either single people or one's in ministry working with women.
It is about women who get told they are "intimidating". Often us single women hear this, especially if we have leadership skills, are competent, or loud. Carolyn says this in her article as well. I have 2 degrees, often I have been told I won't marry because no man wants to be "outsmarted" or be less intelligent than his wife.
I love her article. I agree wholeheartedly. It is all 'tude! Do I go about in arrogance or in loudness?
There is something called a "gentle and quiet spirit". As I get older I am learning the look of what this is - I love it. There is nothing like it. I remember dating someone who told me I wasn't that. But, then I had a boss tell me that that characteristic was something he saw in me and appreciated. Which one do I believe? I don't know. But, now that I have been experiencing that around some people - I have been able to recognize it for what it is. It is so nice. I know that is how I am supposed to live - how I was designed to live. It is so comforting, something like I can fall asleep in. Do you understand? Am I making sense?
Just some thoughts - so if you want, read Carolyn's article - good stuff.

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innermostbeauty said...

hey Kim, thanks for posting the link to that article. Carolyn's points are well-articulated. one thing I have witnessed, especially since I attended an all-women's college, is that the innate, sinful tendency in ALL women to "rule over the man" takes different forms: some women act on this tendency by berating men in public, others try to elevate themselves over men with their intellect, others manipulate men through passive-aggressive behavior. in contrast, the obedient Christian women should look at her sinful nature square in the face and say: "my tendency is to rule over the man, but with the Lord's help, I will fight it to glorify Him and to embody His purposes for men and women." to me, this is a beautiful picture and practice of the Christian's initial submission to the Lord at salvation.