Saturday, March 24, 2007

more important things than March Madness

Last night - even with UF and UNC's wins to enter the Elite 8 and continue playing for b-ball's biggest prize...there is something even more important.

UPDATE as of Monday morning: Jason died this morning in NJ. Pray for the bball players, cheerleaders, friends, UNC students who loved "Ramses" the Ram. Pray as staff members of the Summit have many opportunities to minister to people there about Jason's relationship with Jesus. Jason: the UNC Mascot, was hit by a car in NJ prior to the game. As a close friend to Jason and the biggest Tarheel fan I know said..."we're not even concerned about b-ball right now, there are more important things...but, did the Gators win?". I told her yes, but I'm glad she and I both know the perspective and that life and death are definitely more important than b-ball.

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