Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Football Season is coming!

Yes, the calendar is about to roll from July to August on Friday. When I was younger the most exciting thing that happened during the month of August was getting my supplies list from my classes at Lakeland Christian and hitting the stores! I had to have it all ready before I got to class the first day.
But, now, I have another reason, and definitely more important reason, to enjoy the month of August. It is the start to FOOTBALL SEASON! Whether it is NCAA or NFL - I can't wait. Of course the NFL doesn't really get going until September, there is pre-season. Most people like one or the other - but I definitely like both!
So, after looking here, I wanted to give you my news stories or random thoughts for the NCAA season that is almost upon us!
1. Of course I'll start with my team...GO GATORS! I am up here in enemy country - 1 hour from Kentucky and 4 hours from Tennessee. Oh, well - life goes on. We will see if Tim can have an amazing year, if Urban can still be a successful coach (maybe Tim will be successful in winning him to Christ), and if injuries and surgeries can heal properly so we can have an amazing running game and strong defense.
2. The other team I like and cheer for...TARHEELS! The two best blues are Gator Blue and Carolina blue! Now that Butch Davis has some recruiting under his belt - let's see what he can pull off this year. Maybe there will be a winning season for UNC in sports other than basketball and baseball.
3. Will the former SEC winnings of the UT asst coach come in handy at Duke? Will there actually be people pulling for the Blue Devils in their own stadium for home teams? We will see if the habits of the SEC can help the ACC.
4. UGA looks pretty good this year - they do indeed sit on top of many preseason bowls. We will see what happens come Halloween Weekend and the biggest tailgate party. But, I do have to say, I think Mark Richt is an amazing coach.
5. Oklahoma - how can I not pull for Bobby Stoops - amazing coach and former Gator! Always gotta cheer for those (even for the Fighting Illini).
6. The SEC again dominates the top 25 pre-season. Always a tough conference.

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Anonymous said...

You mean OU don't you? I am an OSU graduate and OSU fan and it is almost a cardinal sin to confuse the two teams here in Oklahoma. Kinda like not knowing the difference between Kentucky and Duke.