Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tennessee and Friends (and mini LCS reunion)

This past weekend I took a trip to Eastern TN. It was great fun (except seeing Neyland stadium). Had a blast. This is who I saw:
Lisa Moseley - my best friend from high school. Stayed with her and her husband on Friday night. We got her hooked up on Facebook and watched some stupid race show and had fantastic cinnamon rolls and fruit for breakfast!
Jeremy Dollar - friend from Southeastern who is preparing to go to Las Vegas as a church planter. Pray for him.
Anthony and Rachel Tucker and all their 5 boys! This was unexpected but such a treat. Anthony owns Clumpy's ice cream in Chattanooga - so if you are there - go!
Jen Sagraves - my twin from high school, we sang together our Senior year and just did a bunch together. Her family (except for Steven) were all at church too. We met up with some of her friends from church and went to Barley's and the TN Riverfront. Had a blast!
Joe McKee - a friend from LCS. Joe's brother, J.O., was in my class. Joe came to hang out with us.
Randy Doss - a guy I graduated with and we went to LCS all the way through. Good to see him. God's grace is amazing. He is teaching and just got married.
Chad Ridner - he graduated a year ahead of me at LCS - has 3 kids and is working in Knoxville.
Seriously, I think we should hold our next reunion in TN.
Then on Monday, I saw more friends from Southeastern - Christina, Marcus, and little William. he was wired from sitting in a car. But, he had fun in the sprinklers and we all got to talk!

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