Tuesday, July 08, 2008

John Adams - HBO mini-series

This movie (series) was much better than I thought it would be. Of course, I love American history - but this movie (as my Dad pointed out when he sent it to me) was more about John Adams' personal life and his involvement with history rather than merely history itself.
What a great insight. A Believer in Almighty and Providential God. A faithful husband to one wife of 54 years. A strong believer in his country. I loved the last line of this series something to this effect: If you do not take care to guard the freedom of this country - I will repent from above for ever having fought for it.
One thing that I also really liked about the movie is that Tom Hanks and McCullough and other folks in charge did not wish to paint his family life as perfect. His one son Charles died of alcoholism I would assume - he was an alcoholic and all the problems that went along with it. He didn't like his son-in-law after he made many mistakes - only to reconcile after his daughter's death. He was in charge of his family - but not always in a good way. He didn't have a great relationship with any of his children. He said after JQ had been elected President that he was the proudest then.
This is what I fear - and I do write this after crying much through the last DVD (as Leah warned) - that I would ever lose someone that I loved so much. But I also fear that I will never have the chance to love that much (as John lost his Dear Friend, Abigail). So...that is my final thought.
If you get a chance, take 8 hours of your time and watch this movie. It would be in America's best interest to get President's with some of Adams' qualities...but I fear there aren't too many left in the world like him.

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TimothyPaulJones said...

Ah, now I really must watch this. It sounds incredible. Did it deal with the Treaty of Tripoli?