Saturday, July 26, 2008

Taylorsville Lake and Tom Sawyer

Here's the beginning of a new adventure!

Taylorsville Lake State Park: Only 40 minutes from Seminary. Pretty drive (once you get off the interstate). Reminds me of Marion and Lake County in FL. The lake is well marked of course. But, nothing else is. The lady at the campground registration wasn't that helpful. So, I walked about 20 feet and turned around. This would have been a good park to have someone else with to just explore off beaten paths...

Tom Sawyer: This one is in Louisville Metro. It wasn't as quite, but it was well-marked. It had everything from cornhole playgrounds, regular playgrounds, ball parks, soccer fields, a guy in an acrobatic plane, and a nature trail. I enjoyed that one.

Here are some pictures. Don't know which one is next - maybe some in Lexington since I'm going there in mid-August.

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