Monday, July 21, 2008

Humiliating Worship

What a title? But, I'm going to use the word humiliating in a different way than most commonly used.
I went to Cornerstone Church of Knoxville this weekend - part of Sovereign Grace Ministries. While the preaching was ok - the worship in music was great. I knew the songs (or most of them) - and there was a sense of freedom in a church that I rarely find outside of the Summit and ABC. in fact, I haven't had freedom like that in a church up here. Where you are free to worship as you choose and there is a large enough congregation (several hundred) where you don't feel like people are watching you. I know, that sounds a little like the fear of man - but its the truth.
During the singing - I looked over and saw a friend of mine from high school, clapping, lifting his hands in worship, singing (which he never would do in high school). That glimpse of God's amazing grace and the song we were singing (don't even remember what it was) dropped me to knees. I was - for the first time in a long time - on my knees in front of the God who is good enough to give me a glimpse of Who He is and what He can do.
I have long judged some of the people I went to high school with because you wonder what they are doing and hope they have changed, etc. But my life reflects just as much of a need of a Savior as their lives do. I am no better than they are. I was in awe of seeing classmates worship. God is so much bigger than what I did in high school - and He forgives my gossip, judgmental attitude toward them (both then and through the years).
Aren't you glad we serve such an amazing God? Even one that will allow us to come before Him on our knees with our hands lifted high in worship of Him
We must lose sight of ourselves.

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