Thursday, July 24, 2008

"I Kissed a Girl" and O'Reilly Factor

Ok - so really - what is up with culture? It is a culture that is falling deeper and deeper. Satan is the prince of this world as Scripture tells us.
I've been watching the O'Reilly factor. Tonight:
1. Obama in Europe - really putting down America in some way shape or form. Yes, watch the same broadcast on CNN and you'll get a totally different story. But, Europeans can't vote. Who cares?
2. Muslim dad who kills daughters - all for being too western. Do all Muslims kill their daughters - of course not. Do American Dads kill their daughters - it happens. What really is lacking is men being men and teaching their daughters about how to be women of God. But, that would mean that the Dads would need to know Jesus. Of course, a personal relationship with Jesus doesn't usually happen in Muslim culture. And it really doesn't happen too much in American societies either.
3. Katy song of "I Kissed a Girl". Dumb song, yes. Well sung song, no. Stupid video, yes. Reflective of the culture - in many ways. Here is how so:
a. We lie in relationships. (She wants to make her boyfriend jealous.)
b. Its all about us anyway - pride is huge!
c. Most of culture wants to "experiment" when it comes to their sexuality.
Bill and his guests were talking about what this song means for culture. It doesn't worry one of them. One wonders if parents will be nervous of their kids and what they listen to on the radio.
Now, is country music any better? No. There are all these songs out there about sexual acts or fooling around or bashing in headlights and keying a truck because the boyfriend cheats.
I think parents should be worried about what their kids listen to. I'm not even saying to "only listen to Christian music" - some of that has bad theology.
What I am saying is that parents should be active in their kids lives. Know what they listen to, watch, etc. That is what parents do. Parents are there just to dole out allowances and scrapbook. Parents - stand up and be parents. Christian parents - point them to Christ!

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Strangest thing is, she used to be called Katy Hudson, here´s an interview: