Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Homegoing of a Faithful Servant

My Dad said it right last night - "When He made her, He broke the mold."
Dad called last night to tell my that my "aunt" Gladys had passed away. She is really my cousin, because she is my Dad's cousin - you would think after doing genealogy for 6 whole months I would know how everyone is related to me.
I remember days of traveling to Alabama to see my Dad's family. Aunt Gladys had a farm, with a hay loft, june bugs (they were pretty and Alan and I always chased them). She was up every morning in the 4am hour to milk the cows, make the biscuits, get breakfast ready for everyone. Her entire family lived near her. Alan and I would climb up into the hay loft and play for hours. It was back in the simple times.
She has been sick now for many years, but she was well into her 80s. She wanted to rest peacefully at home instead of in a hospital. My Dad has gotten to spend some time with her this past year, so that has been good. She knew Jesus. That is all that matters.
She loved her family - her family was everything to her. She worked and served her family to show them that she loved them. And I guarantee they knew that.
My prayers are many:
1. First, that the family would be comforted that Aunt Gladys is in no more pain and she is more importantly worshipping Jesus.
2. Second, that I might have a family to serve one day. Ok - so I don't think I'll ever have to milk cows - (even though my Dad always threatened me that I would marry a dairy farmer because I didn't like to get up early) - but I pray I can serve my family in some capacity at some point.
God - thank you for the example of Gladys Dyson. Thank you for her servant's heart, her ability to love and serve faithfully her family all these years. Thank you for taking her to be with you. Good and faithful servant. Amen.

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Alvie L. Davidson CG said...

Thank you so very much for those comments and so very much insight into Gladys.