Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My First Blog Interview

How cool is this! Alli has a great blog over at - and she was up here at Southern for an apologetics camp. Steve Wright at Providence had introduced us (thanks Steve and Facebook) so we got to eat lunch and hang out one day while she was here. Even through all the interruptions -
Alli - I appreciate your heart, your eagerness for learning and for the Word, for ministry to your friends and family.
Thank you - it was a privilege!


Amy said...

Great interview!. Your passion for the Word is fantastic.
So you're originally from Lakeland? Do you have any insights in the whole Todd Bentley Lakeland revival stuff? I'm from Canada so I don't know much about it but I have honestly heard some weird and strange things.


kd said...

Amy - I don't know how else to respond to your question, but if you leave me an email address or something, I would be happy to offer something on the Lakeland revival

Amy said...

Oh of course, my email address is