Thursday, February 14, 2008

A dissatisfied Messiah

I got this quote from Carolyn McCulley's blog today and she was quoting Paul Tripp - who is a Biblical Counselor (for a lack of better terms). At first, I had to read the name (used in title of blog) again and again, and I'm not quite sure I totally agree with the word usage, but today I have thought much about these two paragraphs:
This side of eternity you and I are called to wait. We're called to recognize that the most important, most essential, most beautiful, and most lasting things in our life are things over which we have no control. No, these things are the gracious gifts of a loving Father. He never is foolish in the way he dispenses his gifts. He never plays favorites. He never mocks our neediness. He never plays bait and switch. He never teases or toys with us. His timing is always right and the gifts that he gives are always appropriate to the moment. He is kind, faithful, loving, merciful, and good.
The One on whom we wait is a dissatisfied Messiah. He will not relent, he will not quit, he will not rest until ever promise he has made been fully delivered. He will not turn from his work until every one of his children has been totally transformed. He will continue to fight until the last enemy is under his feet. He will reign until his kingdom has fully come. As long as sin exists, he will shower us with forgiving, empowering, and delivering grace. He will defend us against attack and attack the enemy on our behalf. He will be faithful to convict, rebuke, encourage, and comfort. He will continue to open the warehouse of his wisdom and unfold for us the glorious mysteries of his truth. He will stand with us through the darkness and the light. He will guide us on a path we could never have discovered or would never have been wise enough to choose.

We sang in chapel this morning Praise Him Praise Him! Jesus our Blessed Redeemer, yet many people in the world today (vday) have waited and pined for lovers (whether married or single). As our culture can verify - most marriages aren't satisfying to those in them. Single people call this Single Awareness Day. I have used today not to pout - but to love on some of my girls (be looking in your mailboxes) and friends. It has been a blessing to me!

God awaits the day - Jesus stands expectantly - for His glory to reign supreme throughout all the earth. As a friend said this week: here (earth) is such a short time in comparison of eternity. As was sung in chapel this morning - When we've been there ten thousand years, bright shining as the sun, we've no less days to sing God's praise, then when we've first begun. And I guarantee and am quite excited about the fact that worship will not be boring in heaven. I long for the day when all my needs, wants, desires, will be fulfilled by seeing His face! Come, Lord Jesus. Until then...make me a servant, make me desire closeness to you, make me holy - no matter what that might take. Love me Lord Jesus - make me steadily aware of your love.

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