Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Storms - literal ones, not figurative, spiritual ones.
Ask anyone - I love storms! I love hurricans, thunder storms, lightning display shows, etc. To me, they represent the powerful display of God's mighty works and power of nature. He is the orchestrator of it all - the master conductor. I've seen such devestation of storms, but here and abroad. I know He is the One who oversees everything.
One thing I am not used to though is tornadoes. I remember maybe 2 tornadoes in all 31 years before moving to L-ville in September. I can't even count the number of thunderstorms and hurricanes. To me, those are more easily pinpointed - even if it is a 400 miles radius. You know its coming.
Last night I had five different tabs open on my internet explorer: facebook, yahoo, the Gator game live broadcast (but they just quit playing the entire second half), Fox News for Super Tuesday results, and the weather. We were under a tornado warning. It started about 11p - why this can't happen while its light outside is beyond me.
But, about 12:15a the sirens in St. Matthews (my part of L-ville) started going off. So, I just figured I would stay in my room - I know to get to a inner closet if I hear anything resembling a train. But, then got a call and said - hey, come join the party in the basement. So, I did.
Then it was over - the wind part. Then we were left with lightning and finally put me asleep around 130a.
Some people in this area weren't as fortunate and some areas in neighboring states weren't either. But, like I said, God is in charge. I was praying last night when I went to bed: God, I have no reason to fear, you are in charge, you made all of this, keep me safe, I dwell in safety in the shadow of your wings (Ps 91.1) - He is a good and protective God. Thank you Jesus.

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