Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday mornings...

Do I really love Monday mornings - not quite sure on that - but I do love my job so that helps!
Weekend events:
1. The weather was gorgeous so that enabled me to spend some great time outside walking, reading, listening to the iPod. The swings were full at Seneca so I didn't want to sit around and wait and act like I was a stalker or anything, so I'll have to try for the swings another time.
2. Able to watch some movies this weekend: Devil Wears Prada (which really hits home on coveting things we shouldn't be coveting) and Truman Show (which has a anti-biblical world view I think on creation and who our Creator God is). Always watch movies with a biblical worldview mindset - something I learned from Dr. Keenan, Bruce Ashford, and Jason Wilson!
3. Went to a church yesterday that was so friendly and wasn't full of seminary people. It was very cool to be in a friendly, normal church.
4. Been reading a book called Sacred Influence, will finish it today and get the thoughts up about it. Excellent book! Watch for it later
5. I am so excited the Pats couldn't pull of the perfect season. The game was boring except for the last 5 minutes. Finally, it got exciting. Now, do I really think the Giants are the best team in the NFL - no, but I do think they were the best team in their respective games during the ones they played - but look at the teams they didn't play. Just thoughts.
6. Big week: Super Tuesday, Gators/Vols, Duke/UNC, going to Berea to see a friend - all exciting things.
7. Been reading in the Psalms and Genesis. God is so good. He is our refuge and our inheritance! He is our rock - to which we can call upon HIS Name!

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