Friday, February 01, 2008

For the Love of Weekends/My walk

this post is written in anticipation of the coming weekend. And I was asked by a friend this morning what my Walk was like these, I'll explain some of that too.
I LOVE WEEKENDS! This weekend is movie night/chicken wings night with a friend. It was supposed to be other stuff, but the cold season is in full affect - gotta love it.
Another goal I have for this weekend is fto finish a book I'm reading and sleep in some tomorrow. I didn't get a ton of sleep last night, so maybe I'll sleep till about 8 in the morning - who knows? As my Dad always says, if you sleep till the sun comes up you've wasted half the day. I don't sleep in much anymore - but I enjoy not having to set an alarm.
More goals (yes, being goal oriented is sometimes a bad thing): play on the swings at Seneca Park, enjoy the sunshine we are supposed to have tomorrow, clean my kitchen and bathroom, read, walk 2 parks (probably Seneca and Cherokee unless I find a new one), mail some cards, read, pray, and journal. Def check out some of the UF/ARK game tomorrow if I can.
Sunday is going to another church and meeting new people. I'm again excited about trying something new. If it is not raining - go for some more walks - how I love to do that - all while enjoying the iPod worship (that is not worship of the iPod, that is singing to the songs coming from the iPod) Just didn't want any confusion there!
Then another SuperBowl! I would rather anyone but the Pats win - but will actually be pulling for the Giants (not just against the Pats).
Now, for the walk: This is what the Spirit has been teaching me:
1. Craving for worship - music, Brooklyn Tab - anything, real passionate powerful worship - like what you would find at Summit, BT, Anastasia's Sat night Edge service, a Shane concert, Passion events, etc.
2. Love for the Word - but not nearly enough time in it. I love focusing on one verse or whatever, but really want to just have it come out of me in everything I say, Ps 34.1. I want it to be true. I want my encouragement and my sanctification process to come straight from Scripture. I want to be saturated in it - but what am I doing about it. I want to start journaling/praying through Scripture - just drinking it in as it is my life line - it is my relationship to Jesus - it is His very precious Words to me. I want so much more of it.
3. I'm learning much about mercy and grace and sanctification - everything is used as sanctification in my life.
4. Subtle sins are just as big as BIG sins - and often less noticeable!
5. I am so opinionated - I'm trying to tone those down (self-control, meekness).
So there you have it. God continues to work even in KY. I have been very thankful for friends this week - they are precious to me. I am thankful to God for them!

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