Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thoughts from church

Being prepared to enter in with a community of believers on Sunday morning for worship sure does help.
I took the advice listed on the www to meditate on the passage that was going to be preached. I did - and it helped in going on Sunday morning through glass doors into a fellowship.
I am thankful for women who will make you feel welcome when you've only been a couple of times.
I am thankful for a service that is centered on the Word of God - and nothing else - everything is positioned around the never changing word.
This morning: (these were some of my thoughts)
1. Ps 110 and Is 52, 53 - focusing in on the cross. I have concentrating on Easter songs this week as I made a playlist of Easter songs. It is only a month away. Even though we should preach to ourselves the gospel every day - it is especially helpful to wrap our minds around the very events of Easter - and not just get wrapped up in chocolate Easter eggs, sweettart jelly beans, Peeps, colored grass, and vinegar dyes.
2. We sang "Praise to the Lord, the Almighty". My fave version of this song is from Christy Nockels on Ancient Hymns from Passion. Such a good rendition - and I was even listening to the CD on the way to church this morning. "All ye who hear, now to His temple draw near; join me in glad adoration." "Hast thou not seen how thy desires e'er have been granted in what He ordaineth." - That line always makes me think - and be grateful for what I have been given - but also lay all my hopes and desires at His feet knowing His ways are best.
3. They have a time of Prayer of Confession. This lends itself much to placing yourself under the authority of Scripture - even the ones we had already concentrated on. Even this morning, guarding my thoughts and my mind and taking them both captive to Christ. To the Word - I had to again beg forgiveness in that area.
4. "I will Glory in My Redeemer" - such a great modern worship song written by Steve and Vikki Cook. I heard Vikki Cook lead worship at Metro Life (Sov Grace) in Orlando. Such a powerful time of worship. This is a great, rich hymn. "I have no longings for another, I'm satisfied in Him alone." Again, a place I'm not, but a place I long to be.
5. Sermon: Acts 2.14-36. Question of application for me: Do I keep rejecting Christ as Lord because I continue in sin, maybe confessing but not repenting, still struggling?

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Alvie L. Davidson CG said...

Dear Kim
This item provoked a thought. This is the main reason why I love to visit Cincinnati Church. They have only the songs of God's worship and preaching of the Word. There is no fanciness, no man made stuff filling time. Just songs of Godly worship and preaching of the Gospel.