Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nascar Strategy

If anyone ever tries to blackmail me with this blog post - I'll deny everything.
I actually enjoyed listening to my first (almost entire) 500 today. I know, I know - I can hear the gasps now! Lisa - you were right! Anyway, I tuned in via radio (MRN) at lap 57, I think I missed 5 laps total between filling up with gas and grabbing a drink in Berea, but it really got exciting around lap 100 then about 188 or so.
But, I do have questions:
1. Track temperature - what does that have to do with anything?
2. If you band with another guy to push out another guy (I know there is a name for that but my mind is drawing a blank right now) - how do you know he won't turn your back on you?
3. What is the strategy in racing single file vs 3 side by side? How is the inside lane different then the outside lane? Is it like "keep right except for passing" on I-64. Speaking of 64 (which I was on tonight listening to the race, there is a Peytona, KY - were they trying to be cool like FL and mimick Daytona?
4. How do you choose who you are going to cheer for? I mean, Jeff Burton - family goes to the Summit, do I pull for him? He was good to go until the yellow flag went away and then the lead slipped by him going into lap 197. Do you pull for the car? I like Dodge Chargers - I think they are really cool,. I have no clue who to pull for - Lisa - we cheer for the Gators and the Bucs - who do you go for in racing?
At least I now know there is strategy and excitement in this sport - and it is a sport - just different then team sports. But, is a team sport because none of the drivers would be anything without their pit crew. I now know there is more than just going around and around in circles. And, Talladega has camping - Lisa - when we going - we can camp for free and then watch the race...that'd be fun (and you said it would be more fun to watch it live). That may have to be a trip this racing season!
Anyway, if anyone has answers to any of these questions - and more, just to give me insight into Nascar strategy - please feel free to share! I would be grateful.

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