Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hungry Adulterers

Ok - so when 4 people in one afternoon tell you to go immediately listen to a sermon - you know its going to be good. So, yesterday - since it was storming outside, I downloaded JD's recent sermon and listened to it while walking the track inside. So so so good. If you like prayer, don't like prayer, hate to pray, love to pray, struggle to pray, want to learn more about prayer, or love Jesus - go listen to this sermon.
First point that really stood out to me was him saying something like this (don't want to say its a direct quote because I'll probably get a little non-important word wrong):
God wants us to come to Him as satisfied worshipers not hungry adulterers.

There you have it. Now, here is how it applies to me.
Usually, when I ask for something in prayer or bring it to the Lord's feet - why do I really want the things that I'm praying for? Do I think that if I get those things I will be more satisfied than I am right now. If that is the case - then I am asking for them with wrong motive (not believing that Jesus is my complete satisfaction).
John 15-17
Ps 73.23-28
So - what about me today? How has listening to this sermon prepared me to continue in praying to my good Heavenly Father. I've learned recently the importance and vitality of praying God's Word back to Him.
Especially, Ps 84.11 - This is how I word that prayer when I am praying: For you our Sovereign and my Lord. You Jesus are a sun - you give me things causing my growth and warmth, you are also my shield - protecting me from things that may be harmful to me but I may not be aware of that as of yet. You - in your own timing bestow favor and honor - mercy, you lift the humble up (which I am far from, so please work that in me according to your mercy), and I can rest assured that you will withhold no good thing from me because I find my righteousness in you and you alone. This doesn't apply only when I am living right and doing everything I am supposed to - then it would not be an act of grace - it would be based on my works. You are good, and I will rest in that."
So, if you are struggling in abiding and praying - just pick up the Word, pray through that. I learned that many years ago from my mentor - and that is how I like to pray.
So, go listen to a good sermon, pray, abide - HE IS GOOD! I love my good God, even if He always doesn't answer the way I think my prayers should be answered. He knows more than I do anyway.

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