Monday, January 07, 2008

Mirrors of grace

I don't know if I really like mirrors. Of course I want to know what I look like - but sometimes I don't. Girls struggle so much with their outward appearance, and I am definitely no different.

But, I was reading Valley of Vision tonight and a line in their said we need to be "mirrors of his grace". So, I looked up mirrors.

Mirrors are basically light reflectors. That's it. Ok - so there is so more science stuff squeezed in there, but basically - light reflectors. Easy.

So - we are to be mirrors - or light reflectors - of the grace of God. This is to others. What do others see when they look at me - do they see me reflecting the grace, mercy, and love of Jesus - or do they see someone who is wrapped in themselves, the world, etc.

I want to reflect LIGHT!

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