Monday, January 07, 2008

31 Fantastic Things about this weekend

So, in honor of turning 31 on Friday, I thought I would give you 31 things (try to make them in order)
1. The helpfulness of the Southwest ticket lady at SDF in allowing me to fly to FL and to NC in one day!
2. The beauty of NC tags everywhere!
3. A scone from the Wake Forest Tea Room with Christina and tea - just talk and tea with a fantabulous friend who celebrated a bday yesterday!
4. 6 degree of separation with the lady who did my hair - Kathleen Cox - we knew so many people - and I love someone who does a great job on my hair! Thank you Kathleen - and Casey for always doing a fantastic job!
5. Seeing new babies - Ryah Lane and Hudson Christopher! Cute babies! :) Hopefully will grow up, love Jesus, and radically impact the world for HIS FAME!
6. My wonderful chiropractor who fits me in even though I'm 8 hours late for my appt and he does an incredible job. If you live in the RDU area and need a chiro - call Dr. Brian Adams at Family Wellness Chiropractor. It is on 401/Capitol in the David's Bridal shopping center. He's great. Been going to him for 6 years!
7. My bestest friend - Rachael - an amazing friend, cook, everything. She made an incredible meal of roasted lemon and thyme chicken, homemade stuffing, cranberry almond salad, glazed carrots, then homemade peppermint ice cream and hot chocolate for dessert. But not only that - she had invited Sarah - oh, man what a great, relaxing b-day night!
8. Gidget - fun, clean movies that you can just laugh through and watch over and over again. Moondoggie - I mean, who can beat him! :)
9. Walmart being open at 5a on a Saturday. I had to drop Rach off at the airport so she could go reach Mexico for Jesus - so I went to Walmart, then came back and slept.
10. Carolina Cafe - It was a rotating table. I got to see precious Maggie and Stephanie, Kristin, Rebecca, Meredith, Kevin. It was fun getting to see so many people at once!
11. Ah, behold downtown Durham. It is hard enough getting there and not getting lost when I've lived there for 3 years, much less having been gone. But, that why following I Heart Durham stickered cars help! All going to the same wedding.
12. Weddings - so gospel centered. Congrats to Brad and Jena-Marie. But, I got to sit with Kasey and enjoyed having a "date", got to talk to Matt and Mary - who just got married - I love them - got to see many people from the Summit and people I haven't seen in a while - and got to briefly talk with the groom.
13. Talking with Kasey - I wish I could do that for a long time, but she had to go be her husband's date at the reception.
14. Dinner (of trying foi gras, escargot, frie oysters, chestnut souffle with mandarin orange creme anglaise) with Claudie at Nana's in Durham. Such a treat. Trying new things - loving the souffle but being too full to eat all of it - wish I could have saved room for it! :) Just sitting and relaxing and talking with her - which is another person I could talk to for a while!
15. Starbucks' couches so I can sit and talk to Erin. I think we have talked more in the last year then we did the year we lived together. You know - some people aren't meant to live together - but I love her - and am so thankful for her friendship over the past 3 years. She is another amazing girl who is going to love Jesus and change the world either through nursing or missions or both!
16. Seeing David at the Creek. David Sims is an amazing friend and pastor who I go to for so much advice. It is always good hearing him preach. He's been a friend through so much that God has taken me through the last 8 years.
17. The worship at the Summit Church - technically - the musical part of worship. Chris Gaynor has got to be the most amazing lead worshipper in any church I've ever been a part of. Walks through Scripture - worships like no one else is watching him. Great songs, all through Ps 24. The last song we sang was "As We Worship You" - talking about how the lost, lonely, nations, etc will see Jesus because we worship HIM. But, how true is that of most churches? There was more freedom and spirit of worship in Brad's wedding then there are in most churches in America. Sunday was a true blessing to me - a bittersweet amazing time of incredible, free, Word-driven worship. Thanks Mr. Gaynor.
18. I looked back after original post and realized I skipped a few!
19. The beautiful weather in NC this weekend was a blessing. Did God really create a Carolina blue sky?
20. Black and white and pink polka dotted wrapping paper - all signs of a Laura gift. It was so much fun!
21. Being prayed for by people - like Jackie Gaynor, or Mrs. McDougald - Laura's MIL. And the Bacons and friends - prayer works! :)
22. Having to miss a family b-day dinner for T in Orlando, but having technology so I could call in and "join them" in Spirit
23. Seeing and hearing people who have such an amazing Gift of reaching people with the gospel (engaging the culture) and doing it w.o compromising the MAIN focus of the gospel. Wishing and hoping that maybe one day I'll have that amazing love for the lost and the urge to share with them the gospel. So convicting.
24. Rocky Mountain Apples - such a small blessing in life! :)
25. Seeing Jackie Gaynor - Chris' mom. Many answers to health prayers and just getting to see an amazing woman of God who loves Him and prays so much for people she knows.
26. Going to lunch with the Bacons. I love them. Talked to J-A about Indo and her experience there. Loved just being around Bob and Clarissa - such amazing people to me. Thanks for hanging out with me for lunch guys! :) I love you.
27. Talking with Laura and Danny on the phone. Even though I didn't get to see Laura at all, I did get to talk with her - and I got to talk to DSL boy on Sunday - but after all - it was a crazy day - so talking with him later. Thanks so much for both of your friendships over the years!
28. Empty planes where I can stretch out and go to sleep on planes. So thankful we got in earlier than scheduled and I was able to sleep some.
29. Rom 5.5 - "hope does not put us to shame, because God's love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us." - I love this verse! :) This gives me the ability to live by grace and walk in the Spirit (so I will not gratify the desires of the flesh).
30. Ps 24.3-5 "Who shall ascend the hill of the Lord? And who shall stand in his holy place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not lift up his soul to what is false and does not swear deceitfully. He will receive blessing from the Lord and righteousness from the God of his salvation. - JD touched on this one before Tyler preached. Our inability gives way for His wonderful grace and ability to be poured out onto my life - so I can reap the blessing of HIS presence!
31. So glad for my life - the grace that He has bestowed. 30 and 2007 was a very hard year - learning so much about my relationship/idolatry with people and how that took its toll on my relationship with God - and then also what He is teaching me about myself and His grace and His blessing. I want to know HIM! I want to bless Him and in return (due only to HIM) receive blessings from Him!

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