Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Things that bring me joy and excitement!

I really do find joy and excitement and peace in the little things in life. I'm not "that" hard to please! Just look at stuff in the last two days:

1. The excitement when UF scores a touchdown. Ok, so they may not have won because they need to work on their Defense for Charlie Strong in the off season and maybe recruit some new offensive line guys to guard against the blitz - but they still scored and it is exciting! Chomp!
2. Simple foods - like oreos and milk. I love to bake desserts and love fancy desserts, but nothing, and I do mean nothing, beats a glass of milk with a package of oreos. Ok - a close second and third are a dulce le leche cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory and any strawberry shortcake from the Strawberry Festival in Plant City.
3. The exciting thing that happens in me when I see one single flurry coming down. Being raised in FL and not getting to see snow that often - I love snow when it is falling. I love the whiteness of the world after there is a dusting. It is so crisp and cozy and warm - ok, the warm part I don't know about. There is an unknown factor - will we get a lot or a little - who knows. But, it is fun!
4. The rush of exercising and being energized by it. This is just random stuff like I said at the beginning. But, doing squats and toe touch kicks bring a great rush of "I can do this" and empowerment!
5. The smell of black eyed peas cooking on the stove. My Dad found a great recipe in a Southern Living cookbook so long ago and he's been making the New Years Special every year since. I have now made it myself for at least 2 years now. I love the smell - it makes me feel like I am at home - in the SOUTH. If I have to live in a "northern" city - I have to bring comforts of the south with me.
6. Sitting around a table full of friends and being entertained by stories and a 6 year old with an active imagination. The simple pleasures! I don't need any big party or loud music.
7. The weather. The rain and wind last night were amazing. Just because I know who is in charge of it and it brings me pleasure to know that He is charge but He brings us the weather for our enjoyment and His glory!
8. Friends who know, love, and understand me. Who I can be real with and don't judge me. They challenge me of course - but love me!
9. The possibility of a New Year. I've had so many friends who have had amazing things change their lives in the span of a year.
10. My parents. This is their 33 wedding anniversary. Much of God's grace I've seen worked out!
11. My sister in law brings me much joy. Her laugh, compassion for other, realness, I love having a sister. Thanks Alan for marrying her!
12. Good movies - my way to chill and do nothing. Pop in a movie! :)
13. The world. I love it, traveling, seeing new cultures, new sites, smells, peoples, experiences, planes. God gave us all of it. He wants His fame spread throughout it. Let's go! Why do plane tickets have to be so expensive?

OK - those are so many things - but see. God really is a good Father who rains down gifts to us - gifts for our good (ok, oreos in moderation coupled with exercise) - for His Glory.

Happy 08!

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