Monday, January 21, 2008

Wide World of Wheaton (and Chicago)

Wheaton College has always held a sense of romance to me. Not in the normal sense, but just in a way. Many of my heroes in the faith have gone there and courted and/or married their spouse there. John and Noel Piper, Dr and Mrs. Billy Graham, Jim and Elisabeth Elliot. I wanted to go and walk around the place that they walked - see where they studied.

This weekend Ty was going to be in Chicago, so I went to Wheaton to spend the afternoon. It was about 1 degree with a -15 wind chill. Any part of my body that wasn't covered was frozen (basically my face). But - it was so fun to crunch through the snow. The campus was completely covered in snow and so were the downtown streets of Wheaton. Such a quaint town. That would be a great place to live - close enough to everything Chicago but living in the suburbs. That would be the best of both possible worlds. Living in a town like that but having the wonderful aspects of a huge city right up the street.

I went to the Billy Graham Center - what an amazing display of the gospel and the history of evangelism here in America. They've done a great job. I tried to go to the CS Lewis area, but they closed at 12 on Saturday - I got there about 12:30. Oh, well. Guess that may just mean I have to go back.

I went in the BGC and they had a small chapel. I wanted to go in there and pray, get a sense of further direction for my life. So I kneeled down in the back and was praising and confessing - then just started asking. Not very long later (such a quick answer) I heard a reply - Ps 86.11. It was kind of frustrating - because I already knew that answer, I wanted some specifics. But...I wrote down the three parts of that verse:

1. Teach me your ways O Lord - He always is teaching me through His Word - I just have to read it.

2. That I may walk in your truth - Walk is a daily always lifestyle. Truth - not fantasy, the future, lies, etc. Truth (Phil 4.8, Col 3.1-3)

3. Unite my Heart to Fear Your Name - the only glory in this life that matters is God's - the fame and glory of His name. Why do I fear man so much. God has done an amazing work in my life in the past year re: that but still I have a ways to go.

I went to the bookstore of course, found a John Ensor book on sale - all about the amazingness of the gospel.

Ty and I hung out that night after dinner with the BGC group. We found a Teavana and a Caribou. So thankful that Ty likes Caribou better than Starbucks. Then we went back to watch the Gators finish their win over KY.

It was icy on Sunday morning so I didn't venture out to Harvest Bible Chapel. I stayed in, ate some breakfast, meditated on the Word, quoting Scripture over and over in my head - meditating on truth (living out Ps 86.11), trying to live in the reality of the moment and not get ahead of God.

After Ty's conference was over - we drove around the burbs looking for a Caribou and we found one. Then I dropped her off at O'Hare (very well laid out airport to travel to), then started the trek back home. I talked to two of my girls and listened to football. At least one good team is in the Super Bowl (and I'm not referring to the undefeated one). Come on Giants!

So, what did I learn. Know the truth and fear God. I love Wheaton. Football is great. The Word is so valuable to my growth. Sleep is good. NCAA B-ball is so much fun. Chase what matters.

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