Sunday, September 09, 2007

Church, football, and familiarity

Churches and football. Two staples to every fall weekend. This weekend was no different - although my partaking of the two looked strangely different than in falls past.
Went to two churches today that couldn't have possibly been any more different. There were several things they had in common: Baptist, in Louisville, friendly, Bible-preaching. That's just about where the similarities end. One is a mega church with multi-sites. Lights, camera, action. I loved the friendliness of the ladies in the small group as well as the teacher and the hospitality of lunch afterwards.
This evening I went to a smaller church located in Old Louisville modeled after Mark Dever's church in DC. It was all of one age, one class, middle, young (22-32), a new pastor coming in a few weeks from DC (CHBC).
I felt like I fit in at the bigger one because they were more like me in some ways. The second one, although friendly, conservative, reformed, Bible-teaching - I didn't feel like I was perfect enough to attend there (I wasn't married and didn't have kids). Every word that came out of my mouth wasn't about being a wife, mother, or soaking in grace. Is that a real church? I'm not being critical - just honest.
I don't know how I feel about multi-site churches. I need to think and pray about that. And even though the small group was great - I don't like sitting - I like to be doing. I haven't sat in a SS class to "learn" in almost 12 years (with a little bit in the middle there where I did sit and learn). Its weird.
So, needless to say - neither of those churches will probably be where I end up here in L-ville.

now...for football.

The SEC had a pretty good day yesterday. UF won - although I hope they play the rest of the calendar like the first half and not the second half. We were two different teams. We must show up to play the Vols next week - that is one game we can't lose - especially since it is in the swamp. All three Florida teams lost today in the NFL opening weekend.
The one thing that was different was I listened to these games on the radio (via computer) or just kept up with them via ESPN or Thank goodness for the computer!

One thing I would like after my first weekend in KY - Familiarity. That is a precious thing to me. I did meet a person from Mulberry today - go figure, Polk Countians way up here!

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