Saturday, September 22, 2007

a day in the life of a college football fan

Wow - what a day in college football. If you have tivo'd any of your games and don't want to find out how they end - watch them, then come back! :)

Gators - with so many STINKIN' penalties (I wonder what they will be working on this week) - still pulled out a W against the Rebels. How do you kill UT one week then barely win against Ole Miss the next? Haven't figured that one out yet! Urban is still a brilliant coach!

UGA - pulls out a victory. I was pulling for Richt's team because they were both SEC, so I had to pull for the East team. You gotta stick with your division - its all about loyalty. Plus, I think Mark is a better coach than Nick.

Spurrier got beat in the Bayou. They held with them a little bit, but then they just couldn't play - and that fantastic little fake punt...what a play!

App State - they beat Michigan and lose to Wofford - what is up with that? You can never tell each week in college football what will happen?

UNC looked pathetic today against the very impressive first time ever ranked in the top 25 USF Bulls. Don't worry - I'm not jumpin' on the latest Florida Football bandwagon - but their QB is great, and UNC's threw way too many INTs.

And now that I live in L-ville - I'm still not a L-ville fan (I'd rather cheer for the Wildcats because they are SEC), they lose again, 2 losses in a row, pretty soon, they'll be unranked again!

I guess that is about it. Tomorrow is Colts and Bucs (in their own games). Gotta love football weekends in the fall! :)

Go Gators!

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