Sunday, September 16, 2007

College Football Saturday

Many things happened on Saturday in NCAA football.

1. Poor UNC - was going for the tie at home against UVA and couldn't pull out the 2-point conversion. But, give Butch Davis a full self-recruited team - UNC will be up there in the ACC.
2. DUKE finally won one - they had lost 22 in a row. So excited for them. Too bad it was an away game so many "fans" weren't there to see it.
3. Miss State beating Auburn - that hardly happens too, guess we may be getting into a new era in the SECW. Yes, I am aware that Alabama and LSU are still winning.
4. My Gators won in true Gator fashion against an arch rival early in the SEC season by beating UT. The power of the Orange and Blue won out! Tebow did great. Cam Newton is going to be a good one too. They settled down some on their penalties from the previous two weeks. They gotta work on their tackling - you just can't think you stop them, you gotta stay with it till the whistle is blown. Next week we take the Chomp Show on the road to Mississippi - we'll see what happens there. We gotta prepare hard for LSU - probably our biggest game of the regular season.
5. ND - since when have they ever been 0-3? At halftime they already chalked Michigan with the win - that was odd. Then I saw the score - no wonder. Are they just not showing up for the games?
6. Erin must be extremely happy with the way Stoops' Sooners are killing every team they play - but, Erin, you know where Bob learned all his magic! :)
7. UCF almost had an amazing upset - but to no avail. Close only counts in hand grenades and horseshoes.
8. I'm sure Urban was excited that his old team beat UCLA in true "Gator" fashion - that was a nice upset for the day.
9. The Wolf Pack finally won a game under their new head coach. I'm sure Jen is excited to finally be able to yell Go Pack in her new UNCW land.
10. The AR-AL game would have been an exciting one to watch. Brad has got to be happy he recorded it and will hopefully find time to watch it - at least the 4th qtr. Most people were saying AL was going to win handedly, but AR made it a better game than most thought.
11. I think the Gators better watch out for the game in Nov against their old head coach at SC now - they won big yesterday and seem to be improving. Gator fans know the coaching styles of the fun and gun offense - I hope we don't go in too cocky for our own good?
12. Kentucky - going with the upset. I was glad - always have to pull for an SEC team, especially one that you see lose so many times when they play the Gators.
13. Poor Blue Raiders - but really, what can mean teams do against LSU - I hope we aren't held pointless against them when we go to Baton Rouge in 2 weeks.
14. The time difference didn't hurt FSU any last night...way to pull out a win late!

Today is the NFL - let's see how the Colts and Bucs do today

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