Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New CBMW Site and Blog

Since about 2000, I have been greatly influenced by the ministry of CBMW: Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. Their ministry in teaching, producing, and highlighting the Biblical foundations for gender roles has influenced my teaching and understanding of Scripture on this subject. This gender role topic plays into every area of life: dating, marriage, family, church, ministry, politics, etc. This is not a topic that can be ignored. While I was in NC I saw it taught and lived well both in the classroom and in the home.
CBMW has a new site - just came out less than a week ago. Included on that site is a blog dealing with all things related to gender roles. I would definitely recommend saving the link to your favorites folder, read it daily, listen to the messages they have linked on the site.
Also, the JBMW is the Journal - all students need to get it and read it (it is cheap, don't worry, you can afford it). It has been a help to me in my seminary career, but more importantly, it has helped as I've had discussions with pastors about this topic, girls on what ministry they can and can't do, how marriages should work - especially when arguments take place, or when girls are dating and want to know about submission.
Check it out - it will be a help to you.

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