Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Some God and Jesus Thoughts

Continuing my reading of the book of Acts - I loved chapter 7 that I read last night. I got so used to reading the name of God and seeing what He did for the nation of Israel - that I decided to write them down. This is a list that I came up with, but most decidedly not exhaustive...
- God appeared
- God moved people
- God promised
- God spoke
- God will judge the nations
- God rescued
- God gave
- God set up kingdoms
- God showed Himself
- God demanded worship
- God showed up!

That same very God is the same very God that acts on our behalf today. No matter what we are facing...He ACTS! Not for our glory - but for His. He is faithful and will do it.

Then a phrase that was read in chapel today was that "Jesus is the EXACT of the Father" - maybe not verbatim, but that was the gist and EXACT was used. I loved that. It excited me. That is what we have to take a lost and dying world - especially cults that believe that Jesus truly isn't the Son of God, or He really isn't God in the flesh. He was just a good prophet, etc. Those are all lies. HE IS THE EXACT REPRESENTATION of the FATHER. That is what the gospel writer, John says. Since the Word says it, we can believe it!

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