Sunday, September 23, 2007

Simple Hospitality

At a friend's home this weekend (where hospitality is done so well), I picked up a book called Simple Hospitality by Jane Jarrell. I love reading about this discipline, even though in a dorm it is very hard to practice it (in the home that is). But I can still practice hospitality outside the home and gear up for it when I move to an apt in early December. I'm so ready!
Mrs. Jarrell made this book very readable and applicable. She had strategically placed tips at the end of each chapter that would serve as reminders of what the chapter was about and give you some quick tips.
I loved her explaining hospitality and what home is - a place of comfort, relaxation, but also one of healing and pleasure and friendship and safety and warmth.
For me - it was eye opening. Sometimes my hospitable acts are more attempts to show people how well I can cook and entertain. That is not the law of hospitality in Scripture. It is doing unto others and not caring about self. That is where I need the grace of God! As I continue to practice hospitality (b/c it is a command), I pray that I would get out of the way and make welcome other people.
I have great examples of this in my life - whom I hope to watch and learn from:
Misty and Cory Harp
Lindsay and Brad Weldy
Phyllis and Billy Robshaw
Rachael Woodworth
Elizabeth and Jeremy Beeler
Lisa and Matt Moseley
Clarissa and Bob Bacon

They need to all get together and write a book - it would be a best seller! :)
Thanks for all you do for the command of hospitality - letting God's love and light shine through you.

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