Saturday, September 08, 2007

Southern Seminary Learning

Well, I've been in KY for 3 days now, so I thought I would sit down and post some thoughts...

1. Always think the worst - then when you are surprised with the better - it will make your day. I thought I was going to have a small dorm room and no kitchen. But, I have the end unit, by myself, with a sink (still across the hall from bathrooms and showers), big closet, much desk space and storage space, a dorm kitchen that is big (but doesn't always function right), and it is actually quieter than I thought.

2. Louisville is really big. There are so many interstates. 65, 64, 264, 265, 71 just to name a few and everywhere is traffic. But, I am learning my way around.

3. No SUPER anything nearby. There is no S Walmart or Target close to me. What is wrong with that picture? I've always lived near one of those stores. Durham it was around the corner, WF they were both less than 2 miles, Raleigh, it was a few minutes. Lakeland it was 3 miles. Last night I went to a Walmart Neighborhood Market (just food and beauty stuff), but today I'm going across the River into IN to get to the nearest one.

4. I love knowing people. Ok, so I only know a few people here in Louisville, but I'm very grateful for the ones I know. Brad and Lindsay have been lifesavers with directions, moving in help, homecooked meal (cashew chicken and oreo dessert), and a place to watch football. "Dr. Parker", Shane, has been great in the office because I knew him at Southeastern too. His wife has been out of town, but I look forward to seeing some of Lexington when I take them up on their offer for dinner sometime. He is a pastor there. I'm looking forward to seeing Jaye on Monday when she gets in.

5. God is still a God of answering prayers for His glory! He gave me this job less than 2 weeks ago. Now, I'm here. He gave me a better room than I thought. I'm already meeting college girls (since I live in the college girls' dorm). He gave me people I know here. He is even in the business of answering small prayers - like letting me do real well on my clerical tests I had to take the other day and calmed my nerves when I was taken them. Thank you JESUS!

Anyway, those are the top 5 things I've learned in 3 days. More to come later - and I promise i'll shoot you some pictures at some point.

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Anonymous said... wonderful to see a lady so passionate about good, biblical doctrine - and to have so many terrific "interests" (the writing of C. S. Lewis, the music of shane & Shane, etc.). I am a big, big fan of Southern Seminary, have visited there several times, and have even gotten to know Dr. Nettles fairly well (after all, he is from my hometown of Brandon, MS! :O). I graduated from Beeson Dvinity School myself, and currently manage the bookstore at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS (as well as serving as an adjunct Bible teacher at Belhaven College). I sure am jealous of all the guys up there at Southern that get to be around such a pretty girl who clearly loves the Lord, and who seems to have so many strong, biblical convictions! I don't suppose you have any plans to visit Mississippi anytime soon, do you? Anyway, I truly do wish you all of the best in your new endeavors in Louisville - I have no doubt that this will be a fantastic and very exciting time in your life, and that the Lord will bless others richly through your presence there in Louisville. What better leader could you ask for at a school than Al Mohler? If you EVER have any needs for good, theological books, please don't hesitate to call us here at RTS. Everyone who shops with us gets 20% discount on almost every title. If you do ever need us, our phone number is (601) 923-1616, or you can send me an e-mail at Otherwise, I'll try to keep Southern Seminary (and your studies there) in my prayers...and I'll keep asking the Lord to please lead me to a godly sweetie like you (who perhaps doesn't live quite so far away!), in the hopes of building a possible future relationship with her. Regardless, thanks for sharing your heart and your love for Jesus on these pages. May he be glorified greatly in your life!

In the ever-sufficient love of Christ,