Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

No, I'm not talking about Christmas time - I'm talking about FALL. Many things are changing. Today is September 1. We are out of the summer months, but not quite out of the season, but it is coming.
When I was younger - my favorite day of the year (no kidding) was orientation at Lakeland Christian when our teachers gave us our supply list in elementary and in ms and hs we got our class schedule, our locker, book list, etc. Then I would make a trip to Walmart or some place like that to buy pencils, pens, paper, notebooks - I loved it!
Now there are two other reasons I love the FALL.
Today is the first Saturday of the 2007-2008 NCAA College football season. Florida is going in as reigning national champs, but are not considered to be a top contender for the crown again - as USC is supposed to take it. But, I'll still take the Blue and Orange any day. Tebow and Urban make a good match with some great players coming up - but many shoes to fill. Top games this season are LSU, UGA, UT, SC, and FSU.
The second thing is that on Tuesday I'm moving back to the "frozen tundra" as my brother called it - (anything north of the Suwannee River) - Kentucky. I love having seasons (not 2 feet of snow but seasons). The campus of SBTS is pretty and it will be gorgeous when the leaves start changing! I'm excited. Many pictures will be shown!
So - enjoy the fall - I love it. And - GO GATORS!

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