Friday, June 15, 2007

Joy Inexpressable Pt 1

Ok - so this is semi-live blogging. I am actually taking notes via pen and paper and not a laptop, but then I can come to my brother's house and relay them to this medium.
From my first impressions of Metro Life Church in Casselberry, I was highly impressed. 3 tote bags to choose from, 24 hour snack room with ghiradelli coffee and syrups, a well-stocked and great bookstore, comfortable seats that weren't hard and air that wasn't too cold.
I sat down by myself and this lady cam up and put her stuff down. She immediately introduced herself to me - Virginia - we talked about a cousin in Chapel Hill that needs a church (so I gave her the Summit's name), books to read, homeschooling, Metro Church, her daughters, all this stuff. I felt right at home. And I just got there. The church was very welcoming and very sincere that visitors (outside of Sov Grace churches) were there. There was about 750 women there.
Vicki Cook is leading worship for us this week - the writer along with her husband of many worship songs. Danny Jones, pastor of Metro, spoke tonight. He spoke on 1 Peter 1.1-9 and then slipped into Ps 103. But, he camped out in Peter's letter. He was a really good preacher, evening identifying well with a room full of estrogen. These were some thoughts:
This is what 1 Peter says:
1. The church (the audience) were elect exiles.
2. This was by the foreknowledge of God.
3. For the obedience to Jesus Christ
4. Grace and Peace of God were to be multiplied to us!
5. Great mercy - leads to regeneration - for a living hope!
6. We have an unfading inheritance
7. The Bible tells us the reality of trials. It doesn't sugarcoat life.
8. Result of trials is to praise, glory, honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ
9. We must rejoice with JOY!
10. This joy is inexpressable (solid/secure)
11. We are to be filled with glory.

BE FREE from things that don't allow you this joy!

They gave out tons of "surprises" to women. Today is going to be great. I look forward to it, and now must get ready so I can "fight with joy" Orlando traffic!

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