Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Missing in Church

I read a devo post today from a pastor friend and he hit on what I've been dealing with/reading about in light of being a new member at a local church.
Relationships do construct a worship atmostphere in which to experience God. That is what the local body is for - the Body of Christ in the local church. I've experienced it very easily at the churches I have been a part of in the past - and now it is requiring a little work on my part.
Thanks to churches who make hospitality and relationships happen - and for pastors who help cultivate it within their church bodies.


Larissa said...

My husband and I have really been studying relationship in scripture of late and the Lord has totally changed our view of what biblical relationships are supposed to look like. Have you ever read any of the books by Tripp or Lane? Did you go to southeastern? My husband and I both went to the college and I just wondered because you had it linked! Blessings

Larissa said...

We went to Southeastern in NC and still have many friends there. You should check out some of the books by DAvid Tripp and Timothy Lane. Blessings!