Sunday, June 10, 2007


Tonight while driving my long way home from church - I saw a gorgeous sunset. It was beautiful - and for that reason - I'm glad I have a long way to drive home from church. May there be more sunsets to come.
This morning during worship - God met me again through the songs that were sung. We sang Everlasting God, Here is Our King (I had heard it on Z on my way to church, but then we sang it), and Great is Thy Faithfulness. These were just the songs I needed, so I sat down and flipped open to Lamentations 3. That is where I camped out for a little bit - then I started listening to the sermon (sorry James).
But, I wanted to pour into Lam 3 and see what I got - so here it is (I'll be studying Lam more this week)
This is what I know to be true from reading these verses (22-26):
God's love is based on his character (steadfast love)
His mercies never end
God's faithfulness is great!
God is my portion - my enough. ( I was talking about this one this afternoon, reclaiming it)

This is what I'm commanded to do:
Say - so - (my soul says)
Hope in HIM
Wait for HIM
Seek HIM
Wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord.

What a great few verses. True, wonderful to hear, hard to obey - Spirit help me say-so to obedience.

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