Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I-4 Travels

This week I thought I would take advantage of the little bit lower gas prices and drive around Florida. Saturday after a leadership conference, I went to Big Tree Park. This is right outside of Orlando. Who would have thought it? Read the sign - it tells you all about it. I thought it was a cool thing to do that most people don't know about.

Today I went to St. Aug for the day to hang out with friends. We went to the Cross in north dtown St. Aug right on the water. It was a tad humid, but breezy and of course - right on the water and wasn't crowded, so that was fun. Then got to hang out with Phyllis and Billy which is always great - did that till I drove home.

On the way home it poured all the way. We desperately need the rain, so it was wonderful. Couple strikes of lightning, but if it thundered I didn't hear it. And I'm getting to believe my sister in law who says that rush hour on I-4 lasts from 3p to 9p. There was traffic the whole way, but much worse going east at night.

Tomorrow is Orlando again to hear about A and T's trip to Africa and eat good steak that Alan grills. Saturday is Winter Park with some friends from church. I haven't been there for like 5 years, so it will be good to go back. Then Sunday is OC again - I live on I-4 now!

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