Monday, June 11, 2007

Opening the Bible

This day, would probably be the first day (outside of church) that I have opened my Bible in so long - my actualy black leather bound Bible. Don't worry - I have been reading it - but I usually read it on my laptop - that is so much easier for me because I can toggle back and forth to take notes on here and then flip back and read it - very easy. But, tonight I want to walk through Lamentations - or start doing it, so I actually wanted to open the Bible and my Sailhammer commentary. of my fave prophets wrote the book: Jeremiah
Lament: a crying out in grief
Time: the Fall or destruction of God's city: Jerusalem
This fall happened because of Israel's disobedience to God's commands - to keep themselves pure before Him and commit no idolatry/adultery. (1.5)

My fave verse from chapter 1: (v 11a)
"All her people (the Jews, God's chosen people) groan (pain) seeking (desiring) bread, They have given their precious things (the things they should desire, God, His rules and commands, relationship) for food, to restore their lives themselves(to try to restore or make peace)."

They thought that they could find for themselves things (other than God) that would satisfy them and bring them life. That is idolatry/adultery. God says, no! Nothing satisfies besides me (ps 73)

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