Saturday, June 09, 2007

Saturdays and Men of the Bible

I love Saturdays like this...I just wish I were closer to what I needed to do.
Today is sleeping in (which I did till 9), ate some homemade bread for breakfast (which was good, but I still like the parm/basil better - but definitely not for breakfast!), now I'm spending time in the Word (my last of round 1 through Ps 119) and prayer (as 119.147 says). Then my parents will be gone most of the day so that will give me most of the day here to myself - which will be nice and quiet! I think I'm going to watch Les Miserables for class, bake a coconut sour cream pound cake for church picnic tomorrow night, read, and then go to Cheesecake Factory in Winter Park tonight with some new friends from OC. Should be pretty nice and relaxing.
Anyway, on to the most important thing I do today...
Ps 119.169:
"Let my cry come before you O Lord, give me understanding according to your Word."
This took me a lot of places today, so be ready:
Cry - this can be both in joy and in sorrow. God so wants and desires us to bring Him everything - come near to his very presence (paniym) and bring HIM it all. He wants us to praise Him with joy and exuberance. He wants us to come before Him with pain, sorrow, crying out because we wonder what He is up to when things don't happen just like WE want them to. He desires that. Some Christians think they can only come before God when they are happy. Some others only look to Him when things are going wrong. Some don't come before Him at all. Let us praise, cry, lament (like many of the psalms), bring tears, claps, yips, yells, hollers, reverence - all that before the Holy God.
I looked up the word understanding here and it was the one for discernment and distinguishing, set apart. I don't know too many people who have this, but I heard it described of someone recently. So, I wanted to know more about it - looked up some of the people Scripture said had this "gift": Joseph, David, Eli, Zechariah - look at even that short list. I want to be like these people: Do you know how they had it - given by the Spirit by them hanging out in the presence (paniym from earlier) of Jehovah. They of course didn't have a little leather bound Bible with words written in red, but they sought the presence of the Lord - to lead, to kill lions, to run from temptation, to prophecy, to instruct kings, to change lands...what powerful men these were. You will find this interesting...

I guarantee they cried before the Lord: like Joseph in the pit, him running from Potipher's wife, Zechariah prophesying to people who wouldn't listen, David when he was up against Goliath, Joseph when his brothers finally came to him and brought in Benjamin, David in repentance over his sins with Uriah and Bathsheeba - all these times...

Cry, weep, wail, mourn, bring joy! And gain discernment...that is what I need Lord - to basically know that your will is ultimately the best no matter what happens. May I rejoice in that.

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