Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall Progressive Dinner

Tonight we had a small walking progressive dinner. It was so much fun. I got to hang out with two of the coolest couples I know here in Louisville. We are all around the same age, love to cook (well, the girls), love missions - with all of us being over seas - whether short term or longer term. We had great eats, different languages, the Word, and many laughs, shattered glass, and full bellies!

First stop was Laura and David Dawkins. Laura set the tone well with the Fall theme. She had made a great salad - with fall goodies on the table. We talked about their neighbor and my parents - what they did. Who knew genealogy could be such a stimulating conversation piece! David started out the night by reading a Psalm of Thanks! Such a great start to the evening. The picture I turned out at their apt came out blurry, so I went to their blog and got this picture! Laura is a great photographer!

Next stop was Bonnie and Justin Myers. Bonnie is a great cook and made a full T-day meal (almost). We had everything from chicken to stuffing, and all the vegetables! It was so yummy. We looked at picture, read from the Jesus Storybook Bible (great intro, and we each got one), talked about missions, and just enjoyed ourselves.

Last stop was my place. I had the dessert. Bonnie had the broken glass - hey, I got a clean floor out of the deal. I read a meditation from Paul David Tripp's new book.

Just a great evening. I love couples who teach me how to be a better wife, gives me glimpses of character traits in men that I would want for a husband. God - thank you for godly friends and couples who share life with me!

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