Sunday, September 07, 2008

Pennyrile Forest State Park (Princeton and KY Dam State Park too)

I am so thankful for cell phones and Mom who has internet at home! I kept going through these small towns in Central KY and wanted to stop...
So...I first went to Princeton, KY where they were having a carnival type thing. It was fun just to walk through - but so thankful that I live in a bigger city - I love these things - but don't want to be all that I look forward to all year.
Then I got off the WKParkway and made my way through Dawson Springs (home of Steve Beshear, the governor) to the Pennyrile Forest State Park. For things to do - this is definitely my favorite so far. I was only able (time wise and shoe wise) to his 2 of the smaller trails, but they have so many ranging from .10 miles to over 13. Great hiking and nature on the hikes. There was a lake, cliffs to look over (a wedding was going on, pretty setting), a pool, cottages, golf, etc. Definitely want to go back there sometime! The last picture is of the sandstone bluffs on the Indian trail that I thought were pretty.
The KY Dam Village State Park was fun to look at. It is in the Land Between the Lakes section of KY - so many state parks in this area. I just had time to get out and take some pictures. Again - water, one of my favorite things! That is the first picture posted.

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